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Blendco Systems- Innovative Detergent Solutions for the Transportation Cleaning Industry

Blendco Systems, a division of DuBois Chemicals, has been providing the professional carwash industry with innovative detergent solutions for more than 30 years. Blendco Systems manufactures and supplies a full line of transportation cleaning products, including formulated powders, liquids, patented SuperSat® Custom Detergent Systems and Red Rhino® sealants and protectants.

Blendco's highly effective concentrated products are reclaim friendly, reduce packaging, reduce waste, and consume less energy to manufacture and to ship.

Tunnel Vision

  • Products specifically designed for friction tunnel applications
  • Complete line of highly concentrated products from front to finish
  • Eco friendly & compatible with water reclaim systems
  • Specifically designed for easier rinsing and faster,complete drying
  • Strong wheel cleaning surfactants
  • Adapts to Blendco's famous SuperSat® System


  • SuperSat Custom Detergent System uses a duel venturi mix chamber to create custom detergents on site at the carwash.
  • Fully Automated - No mixing or measuring
  • 100% active with costs well below other detergents.
  • Two component system delivers the strongest cleaning power on the market.
  • SuperSat surfactants are customized for each application and provide cleaning, solvency, color and foam.


  • RedRhino® line of sealants and protectants include drying agents, spray waxes, tire and vinyl dressings, clear coat sealants and tri-color foam products.
  • Blendco's full range of polishes, protectants and conditioners
  • Liquid and powder formulated products for every step of the wash
  • Lightning fast drying agents
  • Products for self serve, touch less, and friction tunnel applications
  • Auxiliary products including vinyl treatments, tire dressings, glass cleaners and more


  • SuperBlend is a full line of car wash detergents and protectants
  • Regional Blend Centers throughout the United States and Canada minimize shipping and labor costs.
  • High quality ingredients like soil-removing alkaline builders and solvents and surfactants that foam, clean and shine
  • Pleasing scents.

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