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Belanger - DuraTransXD® Car Wash Conveyor

The open access, service friendly steel structural design is considered the most advanced car wash conveyor in the industry. Input from car wash operators, distributors and service personnel was key in the developement of DuraTransXD®. Features include reliable vehicle processing, cost effective maintenance and user friendly serviceability.


Reliable Vehicle Processing

  • True Anti-Jam™ Roller-Up Ramp The triangular shape of the roller-up ramp prevents jams, the roller itself puts the ramp into the up position.
  • True Anti-Jam™ Exit The linear movement slide plate and roller design allows the roller to simply disappear to the inactive (non-call) center shelf, preventing an exit jam.
  • X458 Self-locking drop forged Chain
    • 52,000 lbs. tensile pull strength
    • Pit free routine chain and roller service
    • Easy link removal
      To remove links, turn the outside two links 90° to the center link and move the outside two links toward the narrower middle of the center link - as you push the outside two links closer together, the pins can then be rotated 90° and removed.
    • Easy roller attachment and removal
      Similar to link removal
  • Heco® Gearbox with hydraulic motor drive Belanger uses a Parker hydraulic motor and Heco® gear drive, both industry standards well known for reliability and long life.
  • Standard Driver's Side XD Guide Rail Engineered to safely keep tires from jumping track, even in front-tire pull applications. Features include:
    • Lower lock-on edge eliminate peel back.
    • Top down fastener orientation eliminate tire damage from exposed fasteners.
    • Inward sloped contact surface and high contact point reduce tire climbing.
    • Angled shape captures radial tire bulge beneath the contact point.
    • Lowest vehicle clearance in the industry at 4.0"
    • Made of extruded UHMW, a very tough material with high impact strength and high resistance to abraision and most corrosive chemicals.
    • Bright colored guide rails add to customer appeal and provide a visual aid for entering the car wash

Cost Effective Maintenance

  • CleanTrac™ Open sided lower two roller shelves allow easy accessibility for optimal cleaning. The open side design
    • Improves roller wheel life
    • Sheds dirt, preventing build-up on the lower shelves
    • Allows easy pit and conveyor cleaning
  • The take-up system with an automatic chain tension system allows longer runtimes before link-out is required. Features are:
    • Two (2) air cylinders w/ 12" of take-up adjustment, the most in the car wash industry
    • Easy link removal
      To remove links from chain: 1. Power-retract the two air cylinders (small air valve). 2. Remove links (or, service rollers) above the top track. 3. Reapply the air pressure to re-tension the cylinders.
    • The complete Air Cylinders Cartridge Assembly can be removed by disconnecting the self-locking air hose connections and four Quick-Pin Release Design attachment points.
  • Functional Steel Design
    • Five H-frame uprights in each 10' section provide 40% more structural integrity
    • Quick-Pin Release side rails
    • Quick-Pin Release take-up
    • Quick-Pin Release roller-up
    • Quick-Pin Release Air Cylinders Cartridge Assembly
    • Flat steel lower roller shelves (not angle iron)
  • Matched geometry between chain pitch and sprocket teeth.
    For the longest sprocket and chain life, the sprocket pitch (distance between sprocket teeth measured around the "circle" where the chain rides on the sprocket) and chain pitch (distance between chain links) need to closely match.
    DuraTransXD® utilizes manufacturing methods that provide accurate matched contact. The result is pulling force transmitted to the entire length of the chain and optimal chain and sprocket life.

User Friendly Serviceability & Safety

  • Quick-Pin Release™ take-up cartridge & Quick-Pin Release™ roller-up cartridge are pinned into the frame, allowing quick changes for benchtop repairs and routine maintenance. The entire take-up cartridge can be flipped-over for maximum wear from both sides of the sprocket teeth.
  • Safe Roller Gap of less than 2.75" The roller gap down the center of the conveyor is a potential hazard spot for employees. Gaps wider than 2.75" are not recommended due to the concern over feet and shoes getting caught in the roller or chain.
  • Ease of Use Simple mechanisms make it easy to train personnel and easy for them to perform maintenance correctly.
  • No Bearing Maintenance The XD uses automotive greased for life bearings (GFL™) and synthetic bearing surfaces like UHMW and Nylon.

Standard Features

  • Black DuraTrans XD Paint
  • SD-4™ Four-Roller Dollies
  • Driver's Side XD Guide Rail
  • Self-Locking Forged X458 Chain
  • Quick-Pin™ Release Design
  • Standard passenger side guide rail
    • 3/4" round stock steel to prevent jumping
    • same shape as the contact point shape of the XD guide rail, delivering similar performance


  • Green Powder Coat Paint
    • Resists harsh car wash environmental factors like humidity, salt and chemicals.
    • Scuff, chip and scratch resistance
    • Excellent paint adhesion
  • BIS-6™ Six Roller-Dollies With Four Point Tire Contact and Self-Centering Design
  • Passenger Side XD Guide Rail

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