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Karcher Car Wash Parts: CB Flex Gantry Car Wash Systems

The highly flexible CB Flex is designed for simplicity, ruggedness and reliability. Low-wear drives, bearings and guides ensure long service life and reduce maintenance. All steel components are hot galvanised and protected by a powder coating. Components that are constantly exposed to the harsh car wash environment (doors, panelling, guide rails, etc) are made of high-grade plastics or stainless steel. Gentle washing action is ensured with frequency controlled travel and lift motors.

Customize the configuration to meet your individual site needs with standard or optional features. Options include high-pressure prewash, intensive cleaning, hot wax, cold wax and wash speed. Operating times can be programmed for normal operating hours and holiday hours, automatically turning machine off and on.

Standard Equipment

  • Rotating Side brushes clean vehicle from the side, in the front and rear areas.
  • Rotating Roof Brushes remove dirt from top of the vehicle
  • Jets for shampoo or foam
  • Dirt catcher keeps jets clean
  • Dosing pumps mix correct proportions of detergents and cleaning products with water
  • Roof Dryer with built-in ventilators generating air flow to dry vehicle.
  • Light Barriers detect position and contours of vehicle and wheel position
  • Detergent canisters
  • Control cabinet and station with one Basic control panel (wash card/code reader and comfort control panel optional)
  • Emergency stop buttons


  • Wash card/code reader for self-serve car wash sites
  • Positioning ramp, wheel trough and vehicle positioning switch Options for positioning and directing vehicles
  • Brush cleaning flow switch automatic safety switch in the event of water loss
  • Underfloor wash two high pressure oscillating jets wash the underside of the vehicle
  • Processed water connection use rainwater or recycled water as a partial substitute for fresh water
  • Intensive cleaning (front) Pre-cleaning foam effective against insects and dirt on the front of the car.
  • Intensive cleaning (complete) Pre-cleaning chemicals applied to entire car.
  • Wheel washing units two wheel wash units for thorough rim flange cleaning.
  • Rim cleaner
  • High-pressure wash
  • Foam wax
  • Hot/cold wax
  • External dosing pumps Dosing pumps and detergent tanks are installed in the equipment room
  • Drier side-jets
  • UV protection Protect CB Flex from sun damage when installed in open air
  • Anti-frost devices When there is danger of frost, the water is blown out of the pipeline system via either automatic thermostat control or manually by wash operator.
  • Osmosis drying aid using de-mineralised water (from an installed or optional reverse osmosis unit) or fresh water
  • Polishing program
  • Side and roof brush splash guards
  • Front and tail panelling
  • Spurposts aid in vehicle alignment
  • Gate control
  • Remote Diagnosis System

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