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Belanger - Saber® SL2 Touchless Automatic Wash

Belanger's Saber SL2 touchless automatic wash puts your customers first with ClearBay®, a bright and open bay design and patent-pending LED Navigation System. The design is optimized for an uptime of over 99% with overhead rails, no grease points and High Vehicle Output software for maximum flexibility and speed.

Standard Features:

  • Two-step presoaks, triple foam and two wax applications.
  • DuoDry system for on-board and drive-thru drying
  • Dual wash arms that allow simultaneous chemical applications and medium-pressure rinsing.
  • Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms that reset themselves in all four directions
  • VPS Virtual Postioning System® that eliminates the need for floor treadle. If your customer can pull into a garage, they can use the Saber SL2 with no difficulties.
  • LED Navigation System® features illuminated dual arms that use color to guide the drivers in. Red for 'stop', green for 'pull forward' and blue for 'back up'.
  • Reduced maintenance needs with no grease points, only two motors and three moving parts.

Available Options:

  • Sidekick® Dryers
  • Undercarriage Blaster
  • Rocker Spin Cleans
  • Bug Spray Applicator
  • Branding Panel with Custom Logo
  • DuraShiner® CF Tire Shiner
  • Signage
  • Cold Weather Options
  • Free-standing Dryer Configurations
  • Spot-Free Water
  • Water Softener

Saber's innovative LED Navigation System®.

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Information Source:Belanger, Inc

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